Today I noticed a Facebook post by a friend, Pat Southern-Pearce, an Urban Sketcher, who is from Lancashire, England, announcing her acceptance into the Venice Biennale that will occur next October. The Venice Biennale is leading competitive exhibit of international avant-garde art. Pat’s work will be exhibited with other illustrative journals and sketchbooks that have been traditionally thought of as “practice” work. Obviously, this is no longer the case!!!

Many of us make narrative journey daybooks that stand on their own and have been exhibited singly or with pages made in a time line. On the blog page, I have highlighted more narrative work made by a NewYork artist, Elise Engler, who works outside and has exhibited a body of 208 small watercolor sketches called “A Year on Broadway.”

Let’s think of our own work as true art, worthy of being exhibited here, in a global stage!

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